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Who is Kristina?

In addition to having received my BFA Musical Theatre from Manhattanville College (GO VALIANTS!), I have also appeared in several film, Commercial (National and Regional), and web productions. Most recently, I booked a co-star role on a new show for HBO and am currently in the process of writing a web series!


When I am not working in front of the camera, writing sketches (bless my neighbors for putting up with me,) or obsessing over my Goldendoodle Penelope, you will find me working behind the computer as website designer and brand developer for my personal website design company, KHWD

I am a website designer who specializes in creating custom websites for actors and professionals in the entertainment industry. In a competitive market, my websites are known for creating a unique brand identity that represents the clients personality, professionalism and casting goals. I design you a website that feels like YOU! My keen eye for design, expert knowledge of SEO and acute need for perfection fills clients with the confidence and tools they need to succeed in their given industry.

My journey into designing websites started upon graduating college when I realized just how important it was (and is) to have a solid package of materials to professionally market ourselves as actors and so, my first website was born. Designing websites has always been a cathartic hobby for me. But it wasn't until I was approached by Brian O'Neil (NYU professor and Author of Acting As A Business) to use my website as part of his curriculum at NYU that I considered transitioning my passion into a professional career to help other actors (thank you Brian, much love!) 

"I require all my NYU seniors check out your website to get a solid idea of what a young professional needs in terms of quality, clarity, and range of material to be an appropriate match for any casting requirements." - Brian O'Neil

What's New With Me?

Booked Co-star

It felt so good to land my first co-star role on a new pilot for a fantastic network! Excited to share more news soon.

ABC's 20/20

I recently filmed an episode of 20/20 on ABC! Catch the replay on HULU!

Inner City Actors Podcast

Recently I had the pleasure of getting interviewed by Jason Lazarus on the Inner City Actors Podcast. On this episode we chatted both about acting work, self taping, and what an industry standard actor needs to look like!

Stay tuned for my bonus episode that will be incorporated in his upcoming Summit! We will just focus on website design and take a deep dive into what my process of branding and development looks like when I work with actors

The Inner City Actor Podcast
00:00 / 37:31

Re:Posted Podcast

Today I was brought on as a special guest to chat on Re:Posted Podcast.


Re:Posted is a daily 5-10 minute podcast that explores a tweet or post they find inspiring, interesting or otherwise entertaining. The purpose of the show is to take a deeper look at things that we find worth exploring.

Re:Posted with KHWD
00:00 / 09:45


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