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Designing a website as an actor or small business entrepreneur can be very overwhelming. 


Where do you start?! Do you use WIX, Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, a PHP, etc.? Which platform has the best SEO so you appear higher in google searches? How do you create a custom SEO plan thats specific to you or your business?


After you finally decide on which platform to use (which may not even be the correct one for your specific needs) how do you develop a brand that reflects your essenceWhat's the "secret sauce" to designing a website that will attract the right people and generate ongoing revenue to make your business successful? 


I totally get it! Being an actor and successful small business owner myself I can relate to how overwhelming this can all be, which is why I’m here to help you!


I’ve been designing websites for 4+ years and have even had my website incorporated in the business of acting course at NYU as a prime example of what an industry standard website needs to be for an actor.

Although my style varies based on who my client is, all my websites are clean and easy to navigate. If my client is an actor, then the design is tailored to reflect your specific casting and personality. If my client is a small business, the design is always crisp, clean, modern and sophisticated.

My Ideal Client:

The Entrepreneur 


You understand the impact a beautifully designed website has on the future of your brand. You recognize that having a beautiful and easy to navigate website instills trust in your potential customers so they will keep coming back for more! You are exhausted from convincing clients to work with you and understand that having a beautifully designed website will convey that message for you.


You either, already have a website but it doesn’t feel like “you” and you know the value of having a website that accurately represents your brand, OR you don't have a website yet and you need me to help you begin that journey. You are ready to INVEST in website design because you know this is the foundation to creating a successful and long lasting business.

The Actor


You understand the importance of having an online presence in this industry that will accurately reflect your professionalism, personality and casting. You either, already have a website but it doesn’t feel like “you” and you know the value of having a website that accurately represents your essence, OR you don't have a website yet and you need me to help you begin that journey. You are ready to INVEST in yourself because YOU are your own business. You have it together on your website = You have it together as an actor.

A Note:

"...yea but an actor website isn't really THAT important", news flash, IT IS. You will be googled and you want to be sure you make a professional first impression! Do not assume that existing on the internet with a mediocre website that just "has all of your materials" is enough. If you had the ability to be in complete control of how you were viewed by casting and agents wouldn't you want that? Well, you do.


Curious about working together?

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Wendy Buchanan Daly

"Designing a website for the first time can be challenging particularly when you are looking to market yourself in today's modern world.  Working with Kristina has been a god send to say the least.  Not only does she have a keen eye for design she invests time in getting to know you and the essence of your character.  Kristina does her homework, she is detailed and specific and the results speak for themselves.  My website is flawless - I'm absolutely delighted with it!" 

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Brian O'Neil

NYU Professor, Author of Acting As A Business

"I require all my NYU seniors check out your website to get a solid idea of what a young professional needs in terms of quality, clarity, and range of material to be an appropriate match for any casting requirements."


Callie Beaulieu

"I can not say enough about Kristina. I had built my original site from scratch, knowing nothing about web design during a tumultuous period of my life. At the time it gave me direction and focus. Because of this, I had a strong emotional connection to the site and was reticent to "let it go". Kristina did an amazing job! She took what I had laid as a foundation and elevated it! She captured my esthetic and my personality and when I first opened the changes I was rendered speechless. I can not recommend Kristina Horan Web Designs enough. She took me next level!"

Recent Designs...

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Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 12.26.44
Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 12.20.44
Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 11.41.04

Aleisha Force

"What helped me decide to hire Kristina is that on her site, she told us what makes a good website client--she taught me even before I contacted her how to work with her. I don't know about you, but I'm not often in the position to hire someone to help me in my acting marketing, so to be told "this is how we work together" helped me know that I just have to follow directions.  And that took such a burden off of me.  I felt like she was holding my hand even before we started."

High Class-WEB.jpg

Prentice Myles

"Working with Kristina was one of the most fun collaborative process I’ve been apart of. She is really helpful to break down every step & keep you in the loop. I love how my website turned out , It’s unique & really feels like me! Thanks to Kristina my website turned out better than I could have imagined."

Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 11.32.20

Michael Raymond Fox

"I recently had my website reworked by Kristina. From the very beginning, I knew the final product was going to be amazing. Kristina listened, asked great questions, and was able to capture more than I could have expected. She has great insight and knows what casting, talent, production teams are looking for in an actor. She is an awesome designer, professional, kind, and the turnaround time was excellent. And it does not hurt that she is a great person! I highly recommend Kristina!"



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Actor Website


  • Set Up domain and website builder platform (if needed) 

  • SEO

  • Up to 6 pages (Home, About Me, Resume, Gallery, Reels, Contact)

  • 20 minute brand development consultation

  • Bespoke fonts

  • Custom, unique templates 

  • Bio editing

  • Logo (optional)

  • Zoom Tutorial (recorded)

  • Shared Canva Graphics


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Affy Varona

"Kristina puts her heart in her work and it shows! I'm so grateful to her for redesigning my website, making it more creative and professional. She's easy to talk to, kind, patient, and thoughtful. Add all that to her great skill in design, knowledge of the industry, and eagerness to help. I love that she has on-going services as well to keep my website updated. Thank you, Kristina! You're a star!"

Kenzie Klem.png

Kenzie Klem

"I cannot begin to describe how fantastic it was to work with Kristina. She completely revamped my website and was amazing every step of the way. She helped me build a website that shows my personality and who I am as an artist. Her creativity and web design ability went above and beyond my expectations. I was so impressed with the level of detail she put into every single aspect and how she was able to make my vision become a reality. I now have a website that professionally represents who I am and I am so proud to show it off! I'm so excited to continue working with her in the future to keep my website updated. Thank you so much, Kristina!"

Nabila Hossain - Commercial.jpg

Nabila Hossain

"Working with Kristina has been an absolute delight. Her professionalism and her commitment to the industry shows through her communication and her work. She was patient with me and my multiple BIO revisions and gave sound suggestions. It was a pleasure to work with Kristina."


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