Website Designer For Actors

  Kristina Horan: Website Designer for Actors

Are you an actor in Los Angeles, New York, or somewhere else working to break into the business? You probably know you need an actor website, and you may already have one. Is it doing the job of bringing you new opportunities? If you know it's time to hire a web designer for actors, then look no further. As a fellow actor, I understand what makes the ideal actor website. And I know that it seems like an overwhelming task to take on if you've never designed a website before. With so many options from WordPress to Squarespace, Weebly, and WIX, how do you know which platform works best?

As a website designer for actors, I will make sure your website appears in searches on Google and other search engines. When you hire me to design your actor website, you also hire a brand designer who understands brand recognition. After all, you are the brand when you're an actor. To that end, I will work with you to determine your audience and develop the image you want to attract the clients that fit you best.

As an actor as well as a web designer, I know it's essential to show off your personality. That's why I tailor my website design for actors to reflect your specific casting type and highlight your other remarkable traits and highlight your personality. My most popular actor website services are the Website Redesign and Website from Scratch packages. I also offer monthly maintenance to serve as your ongoing personal website editor to maintain brand consistency. Get in touch, and let's develop your actor website together.